Savvycom – Top 30 Nhà phát triển Phần mềm hàng đầu Thế giới

Published by Clutch, a B2B research and review firm in the heart of Washington, DC, the new research “Top 30 Global App Developer 2017” features 30 companies with outstanding track records of client success and recognises the implementation of innovative practices in the software development industry.

Savvycom is truly honoured to be announced as top 10 contenders amongst 30 best app developer companies. Clutch’s analysis took several important factors into consideration. The first benchmark was demonstrating significant focus on IT consulting and outsourced development services. After that, companies were graded based on their ability to deliver on client expectations.

The research has also been featured on Top Outlets such as: Yahoo!, Austin Business Journal, Chicago Business News, Business First of Columbus and many other websites.


It is an AMAZING milestone for Savvycom Software to be recognized for our forward-thinking practices and fantastic software development services! This is definitely not the journey’s end for Savvycom. There’s no best in best. Only better.

We would like to thank our directors, management, customers and many other industry partners for supporting us on this journey. And most importantly, to all Savvycomers for shaping this wonderful place we work at called Savvycom!


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