Savvycom nhận Giải “Văn phòng làm việc cá tính”

The work environment has great influences on employee performance. Therefore, since its establishment, Savvycom has strived to create an employee-friendly workplace. The award “Distinguished People ” is the precious present for our efforts in building a positive environment that enables employees to discover and develop their full potential. Let’s take a tour through the multi-color Savvycom world.

Friendly & Happy people

At Savvycom, there is no distance between managers and their subordinates. Employees can discuss honestly and talk openly to their leaders or supervisors. Besides this, newbies are always warmly welcomed and fully supported by their fellow colleagues.


Relaxing moments of Savvycomers

Professional work style

Savvycomers are not only friendly but also are professional since they work with demanding clients from all over the world such as American and European clients every day. The significant point which makes Savvycom’s engineers stand out is their abilities to consult and suggest the best solutions reach clients’ business goals.


Working with global clients


Savvycomers are focusing on work

Creativity & Uniqueness

Creativity & Uniqueness would be considered great contributors to the Savvycom brand. The office is designed with light green and white that, would make you feel comfortable and fresh. Inspirational quotes and adorable illustrations on the wall are the part of creating a young & fresh atmosphere that marks another point of Savvycom’s unique personalities.


Our works


Follow your passion – Let’s be creative

We are a team!

English and football club, picnic trips are often held to help all employees with their comprehensive growth as well as strengthen relationships between them. Those extra-curricular activities contribute to creating a stronger bond, bring joys and release stress after hard-working hours.

Savvycom is not only a workplace but also a home to young, active & passionate individuals. After the 6-year journey, a human is the most assets that we have. They created a professional & unique brand.



Team building activities are the key to our smooth cooperation at work

Savvycom is an international software development company with the vision to become the leading IT Company in Offshore Product Development, globally recognised by simple and beautiful apps. With 6 years’ operating, we are proud to be named in the Top 30 IT companies in Vietnam. You will find here the unique culture where the working environment is enthusiastic and professional, and where all team members are encouraged to discover and boost their own competencies. People factor is always our highest priority; we facilitate our team in every way so that strengths of each individual are well comprehended to help the career path to be developed in a sustainable way.

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